Alex Rodriguez the Investor Wants to Redeem A-Rod the Baseball Star

B2B Trading – Why the Herd Is Better Than the Lone Wolf

The following article deals with the advantages as afforded by a B2B website to a startup, SME and other enterprises as compared to the businesses’ decision to independently promote itself. These B2B websites and other business directories afford a tactical advantage to a business, which can actively involve in self-promotion right from inception without having to wait to develop a robust in-house Sales and Marketing division. The pre-existing infrastructure of a good B2B portal is a boon for businesses’ as compared to running it as a lone wolf.

Sourcing Agent: Essential Facts You Should Know

One of the most convenient methods of running a business efficiently is the use of a sourcing agent. In fact, there are many companies all over the world that rely on this type of agent. This is because hiring them can provide a lot of advantages to you and your business. Now, continue reading for more information.

Tips on How to Find Buyers for Export Business

Given all the competition that you have to face as an exporter in the market, it is equally difficult to get started with it. Even if you have decided to go with the line of products that is not much exploited in the market, you may still have to face a tough competition. The main challenge for an exporter is to find buyers for their products.

The Translation of Legal Documents

Translation is a very important aspect of modern legal work. This has become more common as part of what legal professionals are faced with due to the fact that international cases and documents are more widespread.

The Business Case for Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) will reduce your operating costs, increase productivity and improve talent retention. Cultural intelligence gives individuals and organisations different ways of thinking and behaviours that support more effective business processes and outcomes. In this ever competitive, globalised world, CQ is what will make the difference between a mediocre and a successful transnational organisation.

5 Things Postage Software Can Do That You May Not Have Known

While many aspects of businesses require constantly embracing new technology, most businesses realize that postage software will continue being necessary. Many businesses still use the traditional postage- the adhesive stamp.

Reliable and Cost Effective Logistics Services Are Essential

With an ever growing global population and increasing competition from all over the world, reliable and cost effective logistics services are essential to staying ahead of the game. A trusted transport and distribution service is required as you will want to know that your cargo is in safe hands. A flexible approach can sometimes be necessary as well, meeting your specific business needs.

How Dare The US Justice Department Go After Corporations for Bribes Overseas

Well, I can’t believe how many large corporations have been given substantial fines by the US Justice Department for bribing foreign governments, or paying for protection in foreign markets. There was a big case with a banana grower in Nicaragua that had to pay off two different groups to prevent them from coming in and kidnapping executives, or burning their crops or killing their workers. In Mexico City it turns out that Walmart had to pay bribes to a Mexican government official at the last minute to finish their store project.

Smaller Merchants: Which Cards Should You Accept?

At the advent of a new business or perhaps during a transitional stage, you’ll find it necessary to decide what credit cards your small business should accept. Should you only accept the two major companies (MasterCard and Visa)? Should you accept as many as possible? These questions will affect the long-term liveliness of your business, so it’s important to be thorough in your investigation.

Top Ten Tips Every Business Should Consider When Planning To Enter International Markets

Taking your business into international markets is not something that should be done without some forethought. Here are the top 10 things to consider before you start to take your business outside the US.

Business Etiquette in China

Whether you are looking to open an office in China or just looking to form a partnership with a Chinese company there are several nuances that are beneficial to understand about their business etiquette. Making sure that you do your homework and comply with their traditional way of doing business will increase your success and can improve your negotiation terms with your potential Chinese partners.