China’s Race for AI Supremacy

Why You Must Hire a Freight Forwarding Agent

Today, numerous players are a part of the freight industry, all of whom play a vital role in ensuring that not only the consignees, but also the freight companies are completely satisfied with the business. It is not easy for any person, however, to gain expertise in the field of freight forwarding and meet all requirements to make the shipment successful. Especially, if one is new to the transport field. If one chooses to contract other individuals’ services, it may actually turn out to be off-putting.

Common Shipping Modes Explained

When shipping goods internationally, it is important to have a clear understanding of who claims ownership and responsibility for the goods while in transit and through arrival at the customs port. To help make things more clearly for the consignor and consignee, the International Chamber of Commerce in 1936 created 13 International commercial terms (Incoterms for short) to “define the roles, responsibilities and transportation costs between the seller and buyer of goods for the purpose of shipping goods.” These Incoterms are recognized by governments, freight forwarders, and attorneys around the world making it easy for buyers and sellers to understand each other.

Understanding Chinese Culture

The old Chinese saying quotes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I have always admired the Chinese. They are one race that really astonishes me and here is why: They defy so many laws of economics as is taught in school, yet they appear to be one of the most creative and prosperous people on the face of the earth. Understanding their culture and practices is equivalent to pursuing an entire college course in sociology. The Chinese have managed to set an international business model in the area of Finance and have turn heads in Communication and Business. They have opened the eyes of the world through their cultural difference which we will briefly look at, as we try to understand the intricacies of Chinese tradition in our modern society.

Exporting to Colombia – Challenges, Opportunities and Entry Strategy

Right after Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, The Republic of Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America. It is one of the only countries in South America with two coastlines – the Pacific and the Caribbean. This provides global investors with a great shipping advantage.

The Key Secrets of Success in the Export Business

It is a discouraging reality that not every business that aspires to spread its dimensions internationally attains success. Some lack the quality standards, while many do not have sufficient resources to break the domestic boundaries.

Basic Principles For Conducting An Organizational Audit

Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment is something that every employer needs to be concerned about. If, as an employer, you don’t take care of the well being of your employees, they will not put the hard yards themselves. So, in order to make sure that business productivity isn’t hampered and your employees are putting in the best of efforts, you need to know about basic auditing principles and practices for ensuring health and safety of your business facility as well as the people occupying it. These principles and practices enable you to make your business facility a better place to work in.

Volunteering Abroad This Summer, An International Money Transfer Can Help

Volunteering overseas has always been popular. It’s a great way to see the world, volunteers help out on a wide range of vital projects and it’s a great way to learn during the course of this experience. Having access to funds is also important and volunteers should make sure that families will be able to send money online in case of an unexpected emergency.

Importing From China – A Growing U.S. Business

The prices of goods in the U.S. are becoming more out of reach for local retailers and many are turning to importing products from China. However, importing does carry it’s own set of risks and retailers need to be cautious.

Key Emerging Opportunities for Exporting To Latin America

Sustained economic growth is the key factor that makes Latin America a promising market for exports. The demand for improved infrastructure and education over the last decade has made it a potential market for businesses in these sectors.

Get More For Your Money With Online Money Transfer Services!

Thousands of us transfer money overseas every single year; whether it is for business or personal reasons. We could be buying a property abroad (in the sun) or even moving funds back and forth from the UK. Whatever the reason you are choosing to transfer your cash, it’s important to be safe while you’re doing it.

3 Common Shipping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Would you prefer to deal with a market leader, or the first people you have always dealt with? Do you know how to choose the right shipper for your products? We have three common mistakes business make when choosing a Forwarder.