How a Celebrity Tailor Has Redefined Luxury Athleisure

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act on a Global Scale

This article explores the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) and the way the world views the United States making a major change in their accounting department. Since the United States plays a huge role in the globalization market the changes from this Act are important to take into consideration.

Finding a Good Freight Forwarder

Finding a good freight forwarder for your company can take a little work, but the right partner can greatly benefit your company. They can also improve your supply chain.

A Golden Pass for Business Extension – Investor Visa USA

The EB-5 or Investor Visa allows eligible individuals to acquire permanent residence on accessing commercial enterprise and economy in America. An individual or immigrant becomes eligible, when he invests certain amount of capital in business to meet the standards.

Investor Visa: The FAQ Section

When one plans to apply for an investor visa or EB-5, numerous doubts or queries are likely to come up. Acquiring accurate and detailed answers become quite difficult, especially when family and friends are sources to information. However, if you are done searching and yet find your queries unanswered, keep reading.

Risks and Benefits of Investment Options: Investor Visa to the USA

Acquiring an Investor Visa to the USA is a prime necessity for those who wish to establish business in the USA. As per the visa standards, every investor has to make some investments. Though, it is one of the must meet criterion, the investor must know and follow the one that promises profitable returns.

EB-5 Investment: Specific Investment Conditions And Requirements

Generally, the least investment amount required to be eligible for EB-5 category is $1,000,000. But, in cases of making investment in the “targeted employment areas,” the limit is eased to $500,000. Every state keeps record of “targeted employment regions” for reference.

Annex 13 And The EU Clinical Trials Directive

The EU has issued guidelines on the control of IMPs for human use for some time now. However it wasn’t until the EU Clinical Trials Directive (2001/20/EC) was issued and implemented into EU member state law (May 2004 in the UK) that the control of IMP manufacturers (including IMP importation) was formerly regulated in a harmonized manner across the EU.

Business Intelligence Solutions Is a Necessity for Quick Analysis

Business Intelligence solutions allow decision makers to make decisions quickly since data is interpreted in a simpler format. Hours of analysis can be done within minutes now.

What On Earth Are We Doing With All This Over Regulation in the Transportation Sector?

Not long ago, I was talking with a contractor that had a business at one of the ports in California. His company is not a large company, actually it’s a rather small one, but it does have Specialty Equipment allowing them to move freight around the harbor and the port, including giant forklifts that can pick up a cargo container. The amount of incessant overregulation has cost him millions of dollars over the years, and just when he has everything he needs to do the job and stay within the bounds of the rules, new regulations are put forth.

Why Small Business Require Website Translation

In this fast growing global world, it is necessary to move close to your customers, both lingually and culturally to keep up your competition. Here is where website translation comes into. Here are few words about why you need it and its benefits in this global marketing world.

The Importance of Relationship Building: Negotiating in China

As a general rule, when you are dealing with Chinese business people it is best to hire someone with some sort of ties to them so that you can gain some leverage into their social network. A large part of the Chinese society is centered around guanxi, which is the concept of building personal relationship with people that you can give and receive special favors from. As an outsider you are immediately at a disadvantage unless you can increase the level of trust which is ultimately at the heart of this issue.