How Covid Brought On The First Female Recession

Packaging Plays a Critical Role in Developing the Brands

Brands are built not only in the mind, but also on how they look and feel. Packaging plays a critical role in developing the brands. With retail markets booming worldwide, changing demographics, society becoming more aspirational, the need for both variety in product packages, while keeping cost optimum is a challenge for all manufacturers.

Global Economic and Political Issues

This is a summary of an article written and published by Ed Crooks on January 6, 2011 entitled “America: Riveting Prospects,” he writes about why companies in America are opposed to exporting. Here is my view on the subject.

How to Send a Package Overseas

Do you need to send a package overseas? If you have no idea where to get started, or are looking for tips, this article should help you. There are a few things you should know before you send your first package overseas…

The Real Cost of Accurate IP Translations

A streamlined model of translation can address all these quality issues by eliminating the most common translation errors. The combination of people, process and technology along with a dedicated IP translation partner brings the skills of native-language scientists and engineers together with accurate and quality patent translation.

German Export Declaration

Exports from Germany is, as anywhere else in the world, controlled by the federal customs authority. The local customs office and the one at the airport of departure are the two offices that will, usually, be involved in pre-export formalities.

Air Freight – To Consolidate or Not?

Almost every importer has faced the situation, mentioned in the title, and many took a decision without thinking much about the term consolidation and/or how it functions. The economy moves fast and every company needs to keep pace with its high-speed.

Investing in Business – Taking Your Business to the Next Level

The best way to engage in this process is by approaching an ideal business investment company. A common man cannot go ahead without the help of professional investment management services. A business investment company is the one that notifies you on how to put your wealth in a manner that you reap the benefits in the form of ROI. These companies suggest you specifically where to invest your money, property or assets, in order to gain much of the profit. They provide services for managing your assets like investments, property and commodities.

I Bought A Car in Germany! How To Export?

You came to Germany on a holiday and fell in love with a car and cannot part with it! What is the solution? Export the vehicle! This is inseparably connected with red tape and hence, papers are needed. A customs inspection is inevitable.

Packaging in International Freight Forwarding (Airfreight): Filling Materials

One of my articles, posted here, already discussed packaging. The central theme of that article was wood used as packaging and filling material. A further article may be necessary to explain the terms mentioned there viz.

Tips for Business With India – Transport of Goods From Germany to the Subcontinent

Exporting goods to India need not be a hair raising affair. Make your life easy by following a few tips. India is a a booming market on the international trade scenario and knowing a few simple details can make a big difference to your day.

Malaysia: An Export Hub for Popular Grocery Products

Malaysian food and beverages market is highly developed and sophisticated and is also a major contributor of country’s economy. There are lots of popular Malaysian grocery products that are exported across the world.