How Dying Gas Wells Are Making One Company Rich

Importance of Due Diligence Investigations When Going Global

Company check is essential and critical to the services of any successful business. Offshore entrepreneurs as well as start-up businesses are keeping a watchful eye to be sure on the validity of businesses operating in other countries before they build a long and prosperous trade partnership. Given this opportunity it is of the utmost importance to secure the help of a reputable and reliable credit rating agency or consulting firm, which can assist an investor in finding the most accurate information about a company operating in another country.

History and Significance of Exports

Exporting refers to economic transactions that are made between traders of different countries. When a product is sold in an international market, it refers to export of the goods, while when a product is bought from the global market is an import.

What to Remember When Shipping Parcels Internationally

Whether you are shipping to your international clients or you have sold something online and the buyer is overseas, there are so many things you need to remember. Parcels are shipping across international waters throughout the day, each and every day. Family members send Christmas parcels to each other or birthday presents, but each country has different customs rules and you need to ensure you are ready to abide by them.

Tips to Finding a Cheap Courier Service

Whether you’re a private person or a company, there are times when you need to send a parcel to a family member, customer or buyer. Whether you sell products online or are clearing out your home, finding a cheap courier, means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Signs Your Country Is Going Bankrupt

The macro economic signs preceding a country’s default applied to Greece. Case studies are presented from Argentina, Iceland and elsewhere in the world.

Software Development Outsourcing: Tips for Working Effectively With Offshore Team Members

When it comes to offshore software development, there are numerous benefits and challenges. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges involves figuring out how software developers and team members based in the United States can work most efficiently with their offshore counterparts. Follow along for helpful tips that make working with offshore software developers a positive experience.

Should the US Export Natural Gas?

The other day, we were talking with our think tank members and we were wondering why so many people were worried about the United States as an energy rich country exporting our natural gas to Europe or abroad? We have more natural gas than we need, and other nations would pay us handsomely for it. It is a matter of supply and demand. Since we have so much here at home that we can’t use, the prices have come down so much that more and more gas is being left in the ground, because it isn’t worth enough to go get. Let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Putin’s Revenge!

Vladimir Putin’s retaliation plan against Western sanctions. The Russian leader has taken some serious decisions related to his country’s natural gas, oil and gold financials, which have the potential of leading to a worldwide crisis.

Denmark Launches a Defence Fitness Plan

Denmark will never be the first supplier of boots on the ground, nor does it intend to. But troop deployment is merely one element in military strategies, and there are many others where the northern kingdom has a strong role to play, which it has been playing on the international scene over the past decades, and it intends to develop it further.

Teck Resources Bets on Quick Recovery

Teck Resources recently surprised investors by deciding not to cut costs in 2015, a year when every one of their revenue generating products has fallen in price by 50% or more. Teck expects to run a deficit of 1.5 bn in 2015, a figure which could put the company in serious jeopardy in 2016 if commodity prices don’t turn around. Don Lindsay, the CEO, is making a big bet and he’s playing with the future of the largest commodity company in Canada.

Importing and Exporting: How to Protect Your Business Against Payment Risk

Learn as much as you can regarding your trading partners is a critical part of your business decisions. In international trade, especially online export and import, there’s very little room for error in relying on a credible buyer or choosing a trustworthy supplier.