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Understanding the GCC Market Structure

What is a financial market? A financial market is a spectrum term which means a marketplace where buyers and sellers trade in assets in the form of stock, currencies and derivatives. The demand and supply forces determine the price of these assets.

Export Business in African Countries

Export business in Africa has emerged as a respite for the people living in various African countries. Tie-ups with non-African nations through AGOA, European Nations, etc., have helped people find a significant economic ground right at their own place. There is however still a lot of scope for improvement.

Latin America Opening Up New Opportunities for Businesses

Latin America is emerging as a promising market for businesses to explore. Businesses however need to do some research of the rules regulations, economic and political stability etc. of the country they want to do business with. Here are a few pointers that will help you research the Latin American market.

Tips on How to Negotiate Air Freight Rates

Knowledge is the most important thing to take into consideration before you enter any negotiations on shipping contracts. There are many factors that determine freight cost. Knowing how air freight rates are structured will provide you with a good understanding as to which aspect you could negotiate. Small savings on many places will sum up to one big saving. Here are some great negotiating tips:

GCC Industry Analysis Helps You Make Investment Decisions

This article talks in brief of the economic conditions in the GCC countries Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE. A GCC industry analysis can help a business decide which country to invest in.

The New MMCZ: Ministry of Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe

This article is the latest accurate information on the diamond sector in Zimbabwe. It outlines the current economical disaster in Zimbabwe and offers hope through the new management at the MMCZ.

Before Your Export, Learn the Business Culture of Arab Countries

Arab countries, also known as Arab League, are the political boundaries that speak Arabic language. There are twenty-two countries in the assemblage of these oil producing countries. Excluding a few names, the countries in the league of extraordinary nations show a high-ends luxurious lifestyle and attractive work and business opportunities.

The Cheapest Way to Send Money Overseas REVEALED

With an ever increasing number of Brits travelling abroad these days, it’s no wonder more of us are looking to transfer money to foreign accounts – and for less. Wanting to transfer money overseas sounds simple enough, right? But surprisingly for something so simple, there are a lot of complications involved.

How Contact Centers Can Best Serve Customers in the Asia Pacific Region

By joining forces with an offshore BPO outsourcing services provider, call centers throughout the world can help their clients reach out to and a better serve customers in China and other countries in the region. This article explores how.

Cashing in on the Chinese Cash Cow and How Realtors Can Win Business ‘Made in China’

Now that the Chinese Government is actively encouraging outbound investment, Chinese investors are actively looking to invest in real estate projects throughout the world. Whether it’s parents looking to acquire an apartment for their only child, or a company looking to acquire vast swathes of distressed real estate – the Chinese are coming.

How the UK Tourism Industry Can Cash in on the Chinese Cash Cow

The colossal Chinese tourism market is already significant and set to look to get a whole lot bigger. However, most tourist destinations are still unprepared for what is already the world’s most valuable market. This article outlines how they can reach out to and better serve visitors from China and be part of the ‘Great China Welcome’ initiative.