How Netflix’s Controversial Philosophy Could Affect Your Next Job

FOREX Affects Us All!

As people across the globe become more connected now than ever, foreign exchange gains importance for each one of us. You need to have a clear grasp of the workings of foreign exchange and you would be just fine in any land at any time.

6 Tips for Hiring the Best Freight Forwarding Company

This article highlights 6 tips which should help you choosing a freight forwarder for your business. These tips can also be used by an individual who needs to ship his or her personal belongings to and from their present country of residence.

When Traditional Communication Strategies Aren’t Enough: Part 2

Commonalities of People with Different Language Backgrounds 3 COMMONALITIES when English is spoken between people of different language backgrounds are: We all want communication to be easy. We can make it easy with some mindful auditory and visual listening strategies.

How Companies Throughout the World Can Expand Into Europe’s Largest Market, Germany

Germany is arguably Europe’s most attractive market. But without local knowledge and contacts, it can be a difficult country to conquer. But by working with specialist facilitators already located there, the process of expanding into Germany suddenly becomes much easier.

Life of an American Expat in Kosovo – Summer of 2012

Personal Perspective of my time in Kosovo. Most Americans know of this place because of the 1999 liberalization campaign by the US military and NATO. These actions were on their behalf against Serbia. In this article you will find a synopsis on my experience in the country spanning over 2.5 months in the summer of 2012.

How Freight Management Software Can Help Companies Compete Through Effective Pricing

How can a Logistics Service Provider (LSP) catapult itself into a position where it is able to command a strong pricing power? Faced with the constant pressure of reducing costs without increasing logistics risk, LSPs can combat this by utilizing the right technology tools and freight management software for effectiveness as well as greater efficiency.

China’s Next Crisis Lurks in Shadow Banking

As with most of the world economies, China is dealing with a growing debt problem, but the continuing use of shadow banking is causing more harm than good. Over the past few years the number of unregulated loans, investments, and financial products, has doubled. The value of this so called shadow banking industry is expanding and currently sits around 70 percent of China’s total GDP; upwards of 35 trillion yuan.

Five Points About EMV Which You Should Not Ignore

EMV regulations are certainly going to change the way the market functions. It is only intended to stop the card frauds. But businesses must be ready for it in advance else they might have to pay for it.

Freight Forwarder Vs NVOCC

The main difference between a freight forwarder and an NVOCC is the responsibility. Although both companies will track your cargo and move it through the supply chain, an NVOCC is also acting as a carrier and has more responsibility for your cargo.

Facts Related To Trading With China That You Should Know

Trade activities have drastically changed the face of China’s local economy. In fact, trading with China has had a profound impact on the economies of various countries around the world. The availability of cheap labor in the Chinese market means that trading with China is more economical compared to purchasing products from the local market.

To B or Not 2B – Buyers, Sellers and Roadblocks to Good Business

Differences are part of the essence of b2b trading. If the concept of b2b seems daunting, the end reward is equally lucrative. Oodles of patience trust and quality is the recipe for a reliable and lasting b2b trade partnership.