How Robinhood Gets Casual Traders Hooked

Bonds in Asia Look to Boom

Bond supply volume in Asia looks set to increase to a record high in 2014. This is due to an increase in risk appetite by insurance companies and investors abroad.

AEC in 2015? No Chance

The ASEAN Economic Community is coming in December of 2015. At least that is what is being proclaimed all throughout Southeast Asia.

Investing Abroad: Enlightenment

From portfolio diversification, to finding new opportunities, to limiting country-specific risk, global investing comes with countless benefits. However, there are also many challenges.

About B2B E-Commerce

It’s certainly no secret that more and more business is being conducted online each day. Consumers expect products and services to be instantly available, comparable and configurable to meet their needs online. The Web provides consumers with the instant results and fulfillment they demand from their shopping experience. But e-commerce is not strictly for B2C purchases; B2B customers have come to expect the same speed and simplicity associated with buying online.

Think Global Act Local: A Case Of McDonald’s Global Strategy

An insight on the Impact of culture on international business. Presenting a case study of how McDonald’s achieved global expansion success using the concept of “glocalisation”.

Australian Exports And Its Markets

Australia holds the pride of being one among the top suppliers of quality goods in the world. The seaports and airports of this nation are always busy and they contribute a great share towards the success of trading activities in this nation.

Security Concerns for Iraq’s Oil Infrastructure

In light of the recent conflicts in the area, the oil and gas industry in Iraq has suffered many transformations and it is clear that many of them have influenced the security of the country. Lately, the United States are said to have contributed with advice on security matters and oil infrastructure, mainly because there have been several attacks on pipelines. Baghdad authorities are making efforts to stabilize the economy, but the situation remains tense and there are still few optimistic prospects. The US Energy and State Department has announced a collaboration with Iraqi authorities, with a view to offer protection from frequent attacks in the area. It is a notable event, not only at a local scale, but also on a global one. Oil and gas companies all over the world have already picked up the news and are interested in finding out how this will affect their activity.

Partnering With Exporters of Old Town White Coffee for Retail Demands

With increasing awareness and disappearance of lines between global food communities, many nations look towards countries like Malaysia, Philippines and India among others for inspired ideas and to blend cuisines for an awe-inspiring result. Based on this growing trend, countries like US and Saudi Arabia are increasingly in favor of importing food products like specially produced instant Maggi Noodles and grocery items like Ciptadent or Kopiko.

Pakistan May Lose GSP Plus Status If Energy Crisis Is Not Controlled

Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) is a system which allows most favored countries to trade with each other at preferential and equal tariff rates. Pakistan has been awarded the status of GSP Plus recently till 2017. 406 members of the European Parliament voted in favor of Pakistan whereas 186 voted against.

LOWA Have Made a Tradition Out of High Quality Boots

How LOWA have invested time into making high quality boots a traditional value. What makes a multi-million Euro business improve, year after year?

One Million Carats for Sale!

I am sitting at the airport in Paris waiting for my flight to the DRC (Congo). As I am awaiting to board my fourth flight on this very long day, I thought about all the offers I receive daily. Several times a week, I receive offers for very large quantities of 5 carat to 25 carat D-H VVS-VS rough diamonds.