How South Korea Built a City Out of The Sea

Brasil – A World Of Opportunity

Brasil offers international manufacturers an incredibly large target market, with an ever-increasing consuming class. There is much to be learned about this South American giant, but for companies who wish to expand into Latin America, Brasil holds the key.

Tips to Consider Before Importing

Buying stock from outside the country and importing it into yours is not as simple as you might think it is. It is not the same as picking up the phone and ordering for parts from your local dealer. There is a lot of work that will have to go into the whole process of buying stock overseas, especially from countries such as china and other Asian countries. This is due to the fact that business practices half way around the world are bound to be different from business practices in your country of residence, as a result of cultural differences.

Significant Factors Affecting International Shipping Rates

International shipping rates are determined by a number of factors. Obtain necessary information regarding your options. The shipping methods play a major role in determining the rates for shipping goods internationally.

How To Ship A Motorcycle in 5 Simple Steps

Planning to ship your motorcycle overseas? Be prepared for some additional set of challenges. In United States, people steal motorcycles and ship them to different countries. Therefore, customs officials have become very cautious when processing motorcycle cargo. Before processing any cargo, they will need to see the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and match it with the manifest. Whether you want to sell your motorcycle, you’re relocating to another country or you’re going on vacation, not knowing how to ship a motorcycle can be a costly attempt. Try some these useful tips on how to ship your motorcycle overseas.

What Makes the Best Freight Forwarding Service?

Moving products, raw materials and equipment in any place around the world requires expertise and this is why when it comes to moving, businesses rely on freight forwarding companies. Ask any kind of business that requires freight services and they will tell you how important relying on an experienced and efficient freight forwarding company is.

Malaysian Economy on the Rise

Increasing global attention and studies have pointed out that Malaysian economy will be growing in the coming years. Their food export industry which is on a rise will be seeing a steadily increasing curve as time progresses. As a large number of statistics and studies show, there is a rising demand around the globe for good quality food products.

Why Use Professional Language Services?

Given the fact that business is carried out on a global level for many organizations, getting your business message conveyed into different languages has become a necessity. There are two main areas where this must be accomplished: document translation and verbal interpretation (often called simultaneous translation). Many people around the world confuse these two types of language services; but the easiest way to remember is that “interpretation” is always verbal and translation is always written!

The Duty of Care of Employers For Overseas Employees

Do Employers have a Duty of Care when placing Employees in overseas locations? The Answer is Yes, depending on the home jurisdiction of the Business. This is a very serious issue, requiring examination and counsel

Why Foreign Corporate Should Now Invest in India

India, the second largest developing economy in the world is on a trajectory of becoming the world’s 3rd largest economy by the year 2020. Real estate will continue to be among the key ingredients that will contribute to the rising Indian economy. However there are certain concerns like trade deficit, currency depreciation, high inflation, slowing GDP growth end external debt, lack of transparency in investment policies and corporate governance that are somehow preventing international investors to enter India.

Obtaining Business Letter Templates and Their Benefits

Technology will always be improving and there may be a future better way to communicate to your clients. However, for the time being the business letter is still your best option. Therefore, save yourself time and money by purchasing a quality business letter template program.

A Few Tips to Make Your Relocation Procedure More Bearable and Convenient

Gathering information on this topic will ensure that, you can quite easily handle the whole thing and make wiser decisions regarding the same. This piece of writing will be able to assist accordingly regarding that requirement.