How The ‘SPAC King’ Forever Changed The IPO

Ways To Get Positive Returns From Trade Shows

Many companies consider trade shows as the part and parcel of their yearly marketing and PR calendar. While this is the case of some companies, some of them are skeptical with respect to the return on investment, they can get from participating in an international tradefair show.

Importance of Language Translators in International Business

When businesses must turn to external translators for their language translation requirements, it is important for them to understand the translation process and the skills required of a serious translation professional to avoid potentially costly mistakes in the translation of essential legal and business documents. A sure way to bring complicated negotiations to an end is to risk a misunderstanding that would not occur or can be clarified by using a reliable partner in the language services field.

Guide for Small Business Importers to Canada

Those who plan to import goods into Canada cannot do so without acquiring a business registration. A business license/ number can be obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency for an import-export account. Next, the goods that will be imported need to be identified. An accurate description is needed of everything which would include details like the country of origin and where they were manufactured. Prohibited items are not allowed entry in the Canada.

How to Grow Your Business World-Wide With Parcel Forwarding Services

Because of stringent export regulation and costs, increased labor and materials costs and increased liability risks and product replacement costs, small businesses and even large corporations often opt to close a huge door of potential worldwide business. However, parcel forwarding services could prove to be an extremely valuable one for unlocking this door and growing global business.

Making the Most From the Re-Export Business in Malaysia

Malaysia is out of its recession, and has been rated as one of the top economies of South East Asia; besides oil, it has become a re-export hub for many of the fast moving consumer goods in the world and has established markets in many of the neighboring countries like China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Because their infrastructure is in very good shape with excellent airports, sea ports, and container terminals, Malaysia has slowly evolved to become a major hub for exporters of that region as well as to Europe and the Middle East.

Safety Equipment Suppliers and Today’s Modern Requirements

When looking for safety equipment suppliers you will want to acknowledge a few important points of interest. There is a myriad of variables to consider, such as the laws regarding safety, the quality rating of the equipment, and specific organizational requirements that may typically go beyond what the law requires. Many workplaces require safe and effective equipment in order to protect the employees working there.

How Do I Expand My eBay US Business Internationally?

It is a very large world out there with well over 193 recognized countries. If you add all the dozens of colonies and territories controlled by other countries that number rapidly grows to well over 200 countries in the world. For eBay sellers looking to expand Internationally, many of them fear the customs rules and regulations which are different in every country.

Increasing Gold Production Costs, and How They Affect You

Gold production costs have increased again. In fact, they are at an all time high. This means that for some mining companies, the cost to mine and produce gold is too high to make a profit based on the current price of gold.

Globalization Paper – GAAP Vs IFRS

My topic on the paper will be on the globalization/ international impact from the International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS from GAAP. The movement towards IFRS and GAAP as a single set of globally accepted accounting standards is quickly gathering momentum, and has gained acceptance around the world. By this time, almost every major country including US may have adopted IFRS’s as an option or a required standard for financial reporting along with GAAP.

PPE Equipment – Personal Escape Masks And What To Look For

Although people like to joke with careless sayings such as “When second count, the police are just minutes away”, there is some truth to it in cases of fire, biohazard incidents, chemical spills or an accidental release of toxic gases. When the alarm goes off sounding that an accident has happened in your area or smoke begins to enter your workspace, there may not be time to get to an Emergency PPE Equipment Station. Worse yet, the emergency may already be between you, the station and the only exit out of the building.

The Art of Translation in Business

Businesses can spend weeks, months or even years developing their message to get it just right for their target audiences. When those audiences spread over numerous cultures and languages, how do they ensure it is appropriately conveyed?