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Peru Mining: Junior Miners and METS Opportunities

The Peruvian Mining Sector is the backbone of the national economy, and by virtue of this, there is overwhelming Governmental support at Local, Regional and National Level for the sector; this creates a positive investment climate for foreign mining companies. Significant investment in recent years has seen a increases in Copper, Gold and Base Metals production in Peru, turning the mining sector into the growth engine of the country. Growth within the sector has occurred due to the completion of a number of mega projects such as the USD$ 7.

Colombian Mining: Opportunities for Junior Miners and METS Companies

The Colombian Mining Sector is experiencing improved fortunes and interest on the back of increased Government support and increasing commodity prices; there remains a number of attractive and available projects suitable for Junior Mining Companies and ever increasing opportunities for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) Companies. Broadly speaking the Colombian Mining Sector consists of three primary commodity groups (Coal, Gold and Emeralds); a short summary of each has been provided below. Coal.

Financial Management for Sustainable Development in Mexico

For some, sustainable development is associated with the environment. For others, it means investing in projects or technology that will reap long-term benefits and will have no tangible effects on the present. This could not be further from the truth. As defined by the UK based Sustainable Development Commission, ‘sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

International Business Setup – The New Talk of the Town

Have you experienced an experience which made the difference for you when it came to customer service? This article is about the service you can expect for setting up a new business in UAE from your vendor. The do’s and don’ts of the negotiation with your vendor and how you have to get the right vendor to do your work.

The Difference Between Certified And Notarized Translations

Being a Notary translator bring a lot of benefits on the professional front. You can easily find reliable and cheap translators online these days.

Did Your Offshore Merchant Account Offer Advanced Flexibility Than Onshore?

Offshore banking is being more popular in the current business scenario, merchants gaining many benefits of processing offshore. This advance service gives you a comprehensive range of benefits with multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency processing.

How Do We Bring Manufacturing Back to America?

Did you know that only nine percent of our workforce in the United States hold manufacturing jobs, and that number used to be quite a bit higher. Why has it declined so drastically? Well, before I answer that, I must say, I am with Donald Trump on his vision to bring back our manufacturing jobs, and yes, I realize that there will be more robotics in the future, limiting the total number possible, but bringing those jobs back is a good idea. Now then, how do we do that? Well, let’s talk as this has been an on-going conversation and dialogue at our think tank.

Translation Industry and the Evolving Global Marketing Scenario

Have a look at some interesting figures that the recent past has doled out. An assessment from research firm Common Sense Advisory has observed that 63 percent of global brands have reached more customers lately through an increase in the number of languages on their websites.

Master Franchise Agreements And International Supply Chains

With the recent election of Donald Trump those of us who don’t know much about free and fair trade are learning about it from our nightly cable TV news. Trump explains that it is unfair when we allow products into US markets with no duty or tax, but then those same countries like China or Mexico put a 45% tariff on our goods. No one probably understand this better than an International Franchisor – someone who sells franchises or master franchise license agreements globally. I can remember when I was negotiation the sale of a master franchise for my company in Mexico. My franchise buyer was in Monterrey, Mexico. The family was well-connected with the government there and had many distributorships and license agreements with major US companies already – Auto Dealers, Truck Dealers, Tractor Dealers, Soda Pop, etc.

Starting a Business in Mexico

America’s southern neighbour is a great place to start a business. If you are looking for a place to grow, starting a business in Mexico is an ideal location. Mexico has more free trade agreements than any other nation in the world.

Why & How to Invest in Colombia

Why Invest in Colombia? Thanks to the overall growth of the economy in Latin America and a diminishing gap in social inequality, investing in Colombia has become very attractive to international investors over the recent years. To add to this phenomenon of investor confidence, Colombia has improved its public image since it has focused on eliminating its internal conflicts.