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China May Not Overtake America This Century After All

With the recent decades of surging progress from China, many believe that they could be running out of steam. The government may even be slowing the natural expansion as they are trying to dial down the speed of expansion, in hopes that they can avoid a boom-bust cycle that most of the western nations are trapped in. With aims of a moderate 7 percent growth, the explosive expansion, through limiting the possible investment, may be winding down on purpose.

When Doing Business In China, What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

If you are considering doing business in China you are probably aware that there are fundamental differences to consider, as compared to the western world. Being aware of these differences and working within the system will allow you to make the most of your opportunity, versus just trying to do it the same way and going against the culture. As soon as you start to do business in China you will become aware of “Guanxi” (relationships), if you are not already familiar with this concept.

My First Great Impressions Of Government Services In Dubai: Real Stories

During my short stay in Dubai (UAE) I encountered an array of government services, and came across some sophisticated citizen’s support, which in my opinion surpass the quality level of public services in the UK or other advanced countries. A quantum leap has been in the making in this small spot in the region.

Smart Diversification Strategies Skyrocket Your Business

Diversification is a strategy commonly adopted by businesses to boost sales and profits from new products and/or markets. Depending on the stage that your business is in, diversification can offer many benefits, such as buffering your company from major fluctuations in the industry.

Patio Furniture Sales Are Up, Showing Some Positive Economic Signs – Unfortunately However

Okay so, summer is coming, and it’s coming fast. We’ve already entered the big tornado season as we do every year in the Midwest. The temperatures are warming up in California, and people are headed to the beach. It’s time to go get a new barbecue because your old one is rusted. It’s time to put a new coating on your deck, and if you own a boat, time to get it all cleaned up for summer cruises. If you own a convertible top car, it’s almost time to put the top down – smile – the land of the free. Yes, it’s time for a little sun, and a little fun.

Eyes on Your Package With Air Freight Tracking

Sending packages is now fear-free with air freight tracking. As long as you have the waybill quantity with you, you can examine the exact location of your cargo when it has not yet been delivered to its destination.

Effective Leadership: Are You Leading by Example?

Do your staff believe that you dedicate the same amount of effort as they do? Effective leadership can mean the difference between a cohesive team that goes the extra mile for you and unengaged employees who do not trust you.

On-The-Ground-Perspective – Bulgaria

A creative synopsis on life in Bulgaria via 3-months of exposure to the EU’s latest inductee and all its Balkan peculiarities; including: gypsies, the mob, theme parks and business opportunities. There is a dichotomy in this region of the world that makes for an intriguing visit to any country in this region, from Croatia to Greece to Albania to Serbia. Bulgaria offers a unique variation for any visitor, business or leisure.

Living and Doing Business in Armenia

A brief synopsis of living and working in Armenia. Detailing for you the on-the-ground perspective of living and working in Armenia by correspondents who worked in the country for over 2-months.

5 Effective Tips to Doing Business Better

Are you wondering if there are aspects of your business that can be improved? It could be establishing a better workflow, responding to changing trends promptly or improving how your business sends and receive payments internationally.

5 Tips: Tackle Global Expansion Like a Boss

Thinking of taking your brand international? Undertaking rigorous market research and being aware of licensing laws and regulations in your target country are important to ensuring your business’s successful global expansion.