Permanent Artificial Hearts Are Closer Than You Think

Shipping Revival on The Great Lakes

On-shoring and the rebound in the US economy are creating a larger demand for shipping on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. Once forgotten ports are now experiencing increased shipments from Europe and elsewhere for products coming into and going out of America’s manufacturing industries.

What Is A Customs Broker? – Learn More About It

There are a lot of hurdles that you have to consider when you are shipping internationally, and most people don’t realize that. When you send something to a foreign country you have to fill out forms, and declare a variety of different things.

Globalisation the Catalyst for a Renaissance in British Manufacturing

Opportunities for importers and exporters have grown exponentially thanks to the continued globalisation of the last 20 years. In 2005 international trade was approximately $12 trillion and could reach $25 trillion by 2015.

International Trade, or Modern Mercantilism

The world today operates as a global village, where individuals and establishments are connected by communications and travel. This has intriguing implications on the world economy; it no longer is the question of ‘wealth of nations’ but ‘wealth of other nations’. Communications and travels spread out the assets, labour, goods, services as well as the invisible hand that drives the market of demand and supply, of one country to the others.

Why Choose a Local Stand Builder for Your Trade Show Participation?

If you are an American exhibitor participating in a certain trade show that is held in for example, China, does it really make sense to have a company to bring all the materials all the way from the US to Asia? By going with a local stand builder based in China, located near the trade show venue, you will have a better looking stand.

Where to Find International Statistics?

International Statistics are mainly produced by International Organizations such as the UN, WHO, FAO, IMF or the World Bank. Whereas websites of these organizations provide access to their data, navigation is often complex in their databases. A number of websites offer free access to these data, with tables, graphs and maps. However, the challenges are their capacity keep updated and to offer to their users user-friendly access to a sound selection of indicators.

Freight Forwarding – Addressing the Challenges

The role and the functions of a freight forwarder have evolved with time. Traditionally, a freight forwarder was just a link between the goods owner and the carrier. The primary job was to assist the goods owner to transport goods to their destination.

What’s Going On

When Marvin Gaye gave us ‘What’s Going On’ back in 1971 who knew we would be asking the very same thing about the financial markets today. Central banks weakening their currency, the fear of hyper-inflation and just what is going on?

Model of Business Negotiation in China

Business negotiation techniques differ all around the world, but no major arena is quite like China for western businesses. The more holistic approach to the deal that the Chinese business people use on a regular basis, is much more involved than the more technical approach that is preferred by most of the western business community. While negotiations in China still rely on the technical information, as the western business negotiations do, they also take into consideration Guanxi, renqing, and mianzi, which can slow the pace of the negotiations in comparison.

Offshore Company Formation: Business Savvy Way of Tax Planning

In the past, big businesses and wealthy families have made it a common practice to set up offshore companies and move their assets to avoid paying excessive tax on their gains. These days, in the wake of widespread globalization, this practice has become increasingly trending with small and medium sized businesses jumping on the bandwagon.

Standard Plastic Grommets Are Sturdy And Extremely Operational

A grommet is a ring that is inserted through a hole through any material such as fabric or plastic. One of the most popular grommet is the one made up of plastic material. Plastic is preferably used because of its sturdiness and hard quality. Well, there are more reasons to it, take a look at this article.