The Godfather of Wind’s New Floating Revolution

The Fear of Losing Out on Both Sides: America and Outsourced Jobs

During the course of the presidential election, Trump pledged to bring back jobs that have been outsourced overseas. This statement reassured a lot of Americans but depressed a Mexican mom who relies on an outsource job to financially support her family.

The UK Looking to Exit the EU

This article is a basic summary of the UK’s action of leaving the EU. This is very basic but covers the majority of the topic.

Gold Rate In Chennai

Gold is a hugely important commodity in Chennai, the capital of South-Indian state Tamil Nadu. Chennai ranks above all other cities and towns in India when it comes to gold trade. This cosmopolitan city boasts the maximum number of sales and purchases of gold in India.

Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Potentially Affect the US Economy

Trump’s Immigration ban will impact the United States’s economy and globalization. Barring certain individuals from coming into the country is going to have a negative impact on the flow of great ideas that contribute to innovation in America.

Creating Hope in a Hopeless Place

Choosing an appropriate career path can be one of the hardest decisions for people to make. As children, we are influenced by many things like parents, childhood toys/characters, and both negative and positive moments. It is finding that career inspiration and passion that seems to be the issue especially when you grow up exposed to so many cultural, economic, and social differences.

Global Sourcing Can Lead to Ethical Issues

With technology companies, such as Apple, releasing new versions of smartphones as frequently as technology develops, the need for raw materials has naturally risen to keep pace with manufacturing. This has led to questionable material sourcing for tech companies, and placed the ethical issue of “conflict minerals” in the spotlight.

Cyber-Security Companies As Military Contractors?

This article is an outlook on the future of the world marketplace with the rising cyber security industry. The problems which arise through various government and company interaction will be discussed, as well as the hazard for the everyday consumer.

Venturing Into the Middle East

Pursuing business in the Middle East may feel like you are taking a big leap, as the business culture is very different to that of the West. However, this is true of conducting business in any other continent and an appreciation of how things operate will make the experience both exciting and rewarding.

Donald Trump’s Irrational Decision to Withdraw The United States From the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The United State’s economy will suffer from Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.They will lose the majority of their influence and economic leadership among the Asia-Pacific countries. Also, Trump’s decision paves the way for China to become the dominant country in the global trade economy.

Globalization Among Technology: How Is International Business Affected?

Globalization of technology can affect international business in many ways through factors such as the consumers, location or competition. Outsourcing and the way it affects all parties should be taken into consideration.

Trump Is Correct When It Comes To Free And Fair Trade

There was an interesting CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) YouTube Video titled: “A Conversation With Adam Smith,” which is note-worthy – in watching this intellectual panel discussion it occurred to me that maybe Washington DC needs a reboot, and CFR ought to consider their future policies in all of this too. In the video there was a bit of Trump trampling and a persnickety tone of arrogance. Okay so, here are some of my thoughts on this: Actually Trump’s concept on foreign trade is very clear. “Free and Fair” – not lopsided trade deals merely to grab a client nation at the expense of free and fair trade. He’s a billionaire with business dealings around the world. I almost think that CFR is showing their anti-Trump stance (it’s getting old) and yet, CFR propped up Obama and Clinton which led to corruption and bad choices. Maybe CFR might need to look in their mirror, recent history and see just how bad much of their advice was.