The Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade

Cultural Intelligence: The Key to Global Leadership

An effective global leader needs Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to succeed. What are the basics required to achieve this?

International Shipping – The Real Cold War – Leningrad in 1974 – I Was There!

The story is based on my personal experiences when called to Leningrad, Russia during the height of the cold war in 1974 to assist our company vessel SS Ruth Lykes in discharging her cargo. This was the first American Flag vessel ever to enter Russian waters.

Learn the Art of a Starting a Successful Import Export Business

The Malaysian export business is a fully functional industry. There are a vast number of products this country is known to export, and food products form a large part of it. Popular news stories and general knowledge dictate that as a layman you may be aware of the propensity of countries like Japan and Dubai importing Halal products from Malaysia.

Five Steps Towards International Success

If your company wants to export services rather than products, there are some challenges to overcome. Following are some steps to take into consideration when planning that international expansion.

What Are The Benefits Of Trade Shows To Companies?

Each and every business wishes that their company and their products or services should be publicized and some businesses, who have established their market in the local area, wish to grab the attention of international audience. For these companies, participating in an international tradefair show can be highly beneficial. Even though, this type of participation will cost more for businesses, it can be pointed out as an investment to attract new and international customers to the business.

The Real Danger of Nuclear, Biological or Chemical Attack and How to Safeguard Against It

The dangers of chemical, biological, and nuclear disasters are now well-known, following both the Tokyo subway attack of 1995 and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath. However, even in light of these events, many local first responders are still not familiar with the potential implications of these events and how quality; industrial-grade gas masks can both protect them and help them protect their communities. After the September 11 attacks, federal regulators asserted that there was no substantive air quality threat in the immediate area surrounding the former Twin Towers, so firefighters, police and paramedics from…

Simplify Your Small Business Expansion Through Partnerships

When it comes to expanding your small business into new markets, you will likely face an uphill battle. You may have difficulties with start-up costs, you may have distribution challenges, and you may have key gaps in knowledge of your desired market. These issues are difficult enough for any small business, but are even further magnified when your new market is in another country. An effective way to overcome these challenges and to limit your risk is through partnerships.

China’s Growing Importance As a Dry Bulk Shipping Destination

Drybulk shipping refers to the shipping of unpackaged non-liquid bulk cargo such as cement, steel, iron ore, grain, etc. Drybulk shipping essentially comprises two types of cargos – major dry bulks such as iron ore, coal, and grain (which together represent 70% of the global drybulk trade volume) and minor dry bulks such as sugar, steel, and cement.

Valuing Quality of Life When Negotiating Your Relocation Package – Can Money Buy Happiness?

When uprooting your daily lives and venturing across oceans, timezones and cultures, the adjustment may leave you disoriented and maybe a little disillusioned. Knowing as much as possible about what to expect in your new home will help a lot. Among the many questions you will need to answer, one of the most important is how much will everything cost?

All You Need to Know About Frontier Markets in the Vietnam Area

Most of the average persons on the globe have heard of Vietnam in the context of war or assimilate this nation with the typology of the Asian continent, but when it comes to the world of entrepreneurs and business managers, the country is seen in a totally different perspective. As a matter of fact, for the economists, business analysts and money making community, Vietnam is one of the most important and discussed topic nowadays, because it represents a fresh and appealing frontier market. What are frontier markets, you might wonder. This is the financial vocabulary depicting a tiny subset of emerging economies which pose significantly low risks in terms of investments. Actually, frontier markets in the Vietnam region are some of the safest and most rewarding places to invest in nowadays, as specialists conclude.

Why Trade With Vietnam?

Things have changed greatly with the beginning of the 1990s in all parts of the world. Several changes have been registered in different countries. In some, the political regime fell and a new one was installed. In other parts of the world, economy was the aspect that triggered the change. Vietnam is an example that changes in economy can occur and if adequately managed, these can lead to important gains. For a better understanding of the current Vietnam economy, one must to take a good look at exports. Vietnam exports have registered an important economic growth, one that has not yet ended. Although it might seem surprising, despite past conflicts, the USA and Vietnam collaborate in an effective manner from an economic point of view.