Two Scientists Are Building a Real Star Trek ‘Impulse Engine’

Ten Reasons You Need An Export Plan

Take time to put together an export plan — even a simple one — before you begin exporting. The time spent will save you resources later and help you reduce the risks associated with international growth. An export plan will give you a very clear understanding of your goals and the resources needed to achieve those goals.

How to Overcome Communication Obstacles With Virtual Teams

The purpose of this article is to discuss a few communication obstacles that may negatively impact productivity levels of virtually dispersed teams. Following, the article proposes a few methods to help reduce these obstacles and help improve productivity of these teams.

Choosing the Right Language Interpreter

The professional interpreter should assess verbal and nonverbal indicators to gauge how well the message is being understood and delivered. There are important points to keep in mind when working with interpreters.

How India and China Will Dominate Global IT Commerce

India and China account for 38 percent of the world’s population and population penetration of IT is far from saturated. Data from the United Nations/ International Telecommunications union shows that population penetration of Internet in China is about 42 percent, and that of India is…

Quick Ways to Make Those Business Meetings Work for You

A meeting is a formal gathering of two or more people in a physical and virtual space for the purpose of achieving a common goal. These days, meetings are not just limited conference halls, but are held over various web tools like Skype, Messenger, telephones, videophones etc. These meetings are mostly about sharing of information or thoughts about resolving certain issues or problems.

Chinese Culture: The Art of Gifting

The gifting of Chinese culture in China. Why it is necessary in China and why businesses use it for often.

The Problem With the Arguments Against Free Trade

The piece discusses the weaknesses of the common arguments against free trade. It goes further to suggest ways to engage in a more useful debate to ensure that free trade benefits consumers, workers and businesses.

Read Life Quotes to Improve Your Life

Friends are the best support in everyone’s life. True friends are always there with us in every aspect of life. They give us helping hand when we are surrounded by problems. They share our problems and make us laugh when we get sad. They are the best supporters. So, we should also do our best to brighten up their day and never miss an opportunity to bring smile on their face.

Easy Ways to Estimate International Freight Charges

In shipping for business or ordinary personal transactions, knowing the cost of freight for international shipments before choosing a carrier or forwarder can make a difference. A simple error in estimation can translate to tens or hundreds of dollars in freight expenses which you could have saved. Please read on to find a way to make a good estimation of international freight charges.

How Do You Find the Right Translation Agency for You?

Nowadays we are spoiled by choice, and the same applies to choosing a translation agency. There are so many out there that sometimes it’s very difficult to know even where to start! But choosing the right language service for you or your business is crucial, after all you’ll want to find one with real credibility.

What Can a Translation Agency Provide for Your Business?

So you need a translation agency, presumably because you want something translated into another language. That’s great, but why does your business need this service and what are the benefits of using a company like this? The answers to these question may seem simple, but actually language services can benefit your business much more than you first realized, and actually the role of language is becoming increasingly important in the business realm.