Why China’s Electric Car Lead Has Been a Long Time Coming

Money Transfers Online: Remittance Made Easy

Sending money back home to friends and family overseas is increasingly common in the modern world as people broaden their working horizons. Some 320,000 people left the UK in 2014 alone and it means that more than five million Brits now live abroad.

Winning More Business “Made in Germany”

Given the fact that Germany is Europe’s largest and richest market, clearly it makes a country to consider after having taken the decision to expand internationally. Business-to-Business enterprises will normally find communicating with their continental clients relatively easy, not least since most German business people at C-Level can usually speak English, sometimes arguably better than their counterparts! As for German consumers, they are Europe’s wealthiest and citizens of Europe’s most populous country, and tend to be loyal.

World Goes Bananas for International Funds Transfer

With more than 150,000 passengers expected to travel on the Eurostar over just one bank holiday weekend, the world of travel has gone crackers.The high speed service has seen a rise of 16% in comparison to 2014 due to an ever increasing number of Brits travelling abroad this year.

Rising US Dollar Shuffles the List of the World’s Most Expensive Cities

The rising value of the American dollar against most of the world’s currencies is having a profound effect on the cost of living for many expat workers around the world. Those with contracts that tie their compensation to the USD may be smiling but for many that get paid based on local wages there are some serious causes for concern.

Combatting Language Blindness

The term “language blindness” is popping up frequently today within the context of translation and localization services. Most professional people engage in business writing on a daily basis, composing everything from correspondence to proposals or marketing materials. If your writing will be translated for use in overseas markets, or if your audience includes non-native English speakers, it is important to practice a more formal standard of phrasing. The concept of native language objectivity, when practiced in your professional writing, helps avoid potentially confusing words or phrases that can cloud your meaning and even alienate your audience.

Eliminating Tariffs Would Produce Benefits for the Global Community

Tariffs are no longer as required as once thought. Instead, they limit the productivity and social services that can be achieved.

The Journey of Singapore To Become The Most Sought After City To Incorporate a Business

Globalization is an opportunity for businesses to expand their business operations across the borders of their own country. In the past few years, whenever a business entity thinks of establishing a business abroad, Singapore turned out to be a favorite destination for many investors and entrepreneurs. Due to enormous advantages, it is hard to understand the exact reason; how Singapore became the most favorable and most sought after destination to start up a business. However, few reasons that could convince even a fortune five hundred company to shift their base in Singapore are narrated in this article.

How to Become a Successful Exporter?

If you are an emerging business, and want to export your goods to the international market, here are several points that you should take into consideration. The article discusses a few ideal points to help you understand these aspects.

Some of the Trendiest Export Business Ideas

Export is one of the most followed businesses. You can export textile, raw materials and food products. But to attain success in your export business, you need to ensure quality in your products and services.

Modern Silk Road – Path Connecting Europe and Asia

Article about resent movement of merchandise trough the path connecting Europe and Asia. Short review of facts, why this path became similar to Silk Road.

How to Do Business Across the Pond

We’ve always said we specialise in world domination and just to prove we can actually do that, we’ve spent the last six months helping a client set up a joint venture with a company in the US. It’s been a very interesting time; the time various time-zones have presented a challenge to say the least – good job I’m a night owl – and the cultural differences have been less subtle than I expected and, although we speak the same basic language, we have very different ways of doing business, So here’s what I’ve found out;…