Why Istanbul Is The Place to Get Your Hair Back

Finding the Perfect Middleman to Expand Your Business

• Middlemen move products, sell services or give presentations, attracting more customers. Finding the perfect middleman in a business is like finding the right mate to spend the rest of your life with or the right house help especially when it is a live-in house help. It can take a lot of time and trust to understand your mate- a few test runs have to be made and sustaining the relationship takes honest commitment from both parties.

How to Export Products Overseas

Efficient and competent importing of products to a market overseas is crucial. Using a good, reliable international freight forwarder can be very effective, but it’s also important to have a good understanding on the basic shipping terms, documentation, and pricing. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

Security Related Technological Innovations for Cargo and Logistics

Nowadays, one of the greatest concerns of manufacturers and shipping companies is associated with the security of the consignments. Pirates attacking container vessels and other ships have become common nowadays, particularly along the western coasts of Africa.

Fit for a King – Working in the Middle East Offers Both Priceless Gifts and Prodigious Challenges

Working in the Middle East can offer priceless work experience and a favorable income but it also comes with its own challenges and hardships. What are the “gifts” that you can receive from an overseas assignment and what are the hardship variables?

What Does the Discovery of Oil in Kenya Mean for Uganda?

The oil debate in Uganda has been most spectacular in recent years. Available information indicates that the presence of oil deposits in Uganda was first confirmed in 2006, in the Albertine region, west of the country, by Heritage Oil, a British international oil and gas exploration, development and production company. Another discovery followed in Amuria District in Eastern Uganda early this year (2012). However, the parallel discovery of oil in the Turkana region in north-west Kenya led to a moment of dilemma. It, in the clear sense of purpose, demanded knowledge of the future prospects of oil exploration to the country, and other parties in the oil business.

Denied and Restricted Screening Best Practices

Considering the fact that most up-to-date restricted party lists should be used for partner based or transaction based screening approach, screening can be manually intensive work. In case of an existence of large amount of trade partners using a software solution is inevitable. Companies should look for the automated screening software which promptly updates all applicable watch lists when they are updated by the source authorities.

Restricted/Denied Party Screening Process

Ensuring the end-user or recipient of the exported products, software and technical data is not listed in the denied and sanctioned party lists further increases the difficulty of doing business worldwide or disclosing a technical data or software source code to foreign persons. Companies and organizations can diminish the risk of violation of the export control regulations by running the name of persons and entities against the above mentioned lists and identifying the possible name matches prior to an export or a business activity. This practice is commonly called as the “Denied/restricted party screening” process.

3 Tips to Good Business Etiquette

These days popular sociological theories tend to adhere to the view that there is really not that much that separates human beings from animals – we are still savages merely reformed ones. This seems to be at face value quite reductionist but also inherently false. There are, it seems, several aspects of humanity that make us distinctly different from animals – our higher senses, self-awareness and interpersonal skills put us at the top of the biological totem pole.

Electrical Power Generators Crucial Elements for Setting Up a Power Generation System

Traditionally, there are two types of power generation-thermal and non-thermal. Both are widely used for producing electricity or power to utilize for various purposes.

The Trio That Reduce Conflict

Conflict will happen in an organization. There are many causes and three are equitable, equal, and fair treatment. You cannot undo how you treat your employees if it is fair or equitable. So know how to properly use the three to increase employee engagement, productivity, cohesion, and trust. This is a must read for CEOs, Business Owners, leaders, and managers.

Some Details About the B1 Test

Generally, in many countries of the world, it is made compulsory that people from other countries looking for a permanent settlement or for a work permit should have certain qualifications and some certifications. This type of requirement should be met by people looking to settle in the United Kingdom too. When talking about the UK, the new requirement is that people applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain or ILR or naturalization after the 28th of October 2013, should pass the ‘Life in the United Kingdom Test’ and they should also have the B1 speaking & listening…