Why Retirement Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

OWWA’s Reintegration Program for OFWs

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in the Philippines just launched a reintegration program for overseas Filipino workers. The main objective of this reintegration program is to provide a helping hand for OFWs in order to achieve a stable and sustainable life in the Philippines so they may not work in other countries anymore. Also, this program intends to motivate and assist their families to look for other means of livelihood that they will not be totally dependent on OFW remittances

Lean: The Emerging Market Challenge

Emerging economies with robust economic growth remain a significant opportunity for companies eager to grow and expand their business. With growth opportunities limited in the U.S. and Europe…

Business Resourses in China

In trade with China, demand for luxury goods is high. This is obvious because of the economic success and high GDP of China. Recent study reveals that there are about 128 Chinese billionaires.

Freight Forwarding: Essential Tips on Packing Goods for Export

Exporters must be aware of international shipping requirements, particularly on packaged goods. They should keep in mind these four potential problem when designing an export shipping crate: moisture, excess weight, breakage, and pilferage.

Leading With Courage

This article is focused on leading with courage. Courage is necessary when a leader harbors private doubts about a course of action. Few persons are born courageous and brave. Courage is developed with consistent brave actions. All visionaries need the courage to dare to dream. Ron Howard’s popular film, Apollo 13, dramatized the incredible that took place from April 13-17, 1970 during that period the crippled space ship was brought safely back to earth by the courageous effort on behalf of the NASA Control Team in Houston and by the astronauts themselves.

Global Sourcing – Removing the Risk

Many businesses realise that global sourcing should be part of their core cost reduction strategy. But sourcing products from around the world can be a minefield of language barriers, tooling issues, customs problems and delayed shipping. A failed sourcing initiative can lead to higher costs, inefficiency and disgruntled staff.

Online Stores Offer High Quality Welding Supplies and Equipment

Welding is a backbone for the manufacturing industry. It is the process of fabrication that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics. Industries require various metal raw materials to be welded and molded well to manufacture a number of different products and goods.

The Thailand Amity Treaty and Setting Up a Business in Thailand

If you are an American citizen who wants to set up your own business in Thailand and profit from Thailand’s tourism boom, then you need to know about the Thailand Amity Treaty. Thailand is popular destination for many ex-pat Americans to settle in. Many of them open their own businesses there. In addition, many American brands set up branch offices in Thailand to cater to the large ex-pat community who crave products from back home.

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Parcel Delivery?

Parcel delivery and collection systems were always changing but there has been a consistency in the standard door to door delivery systems for a while and the best units give a very repeatable service and pricing structure. To answer the question “Are you spending too much on the parcel delivery” there obviously has to be a number of individual checks to be carried out to see what is best for the service required. Firstly the delivery cost often relates to the speed of the service required.

The Risks And Costs Of International Parcel Delivery

When sending an important or valuable package within your own country or abroad, there is an element of risk. Choosing the right parcel delivery service is therefore key. In a service such as this it may not be wise to look for the lowest bidder. Here are some things to think about while making your decision how to send your parcel.

Building Bridges With the Confucian Land

China – as one of the earliest cradles of human civilization – possesses a unique culture in all aspect. Even the existing business culture in the country displays bold and contrasting elements, with respect to that of the occidental world!